Founder’s Bio

Jeff Loughridge is principal consultant and owner of Brooks Consulting LLC, a firm that helps clients reap the benefits of simplicity in design, deployment, capacity management, and operation of IP networks. He has worked with clients such as Clearwire, Cisco, and T-Mobile USA.

Jeff has worked in the IP networking industry since 1997. Before founding Brooks Consulting LLC, Jeff held engineer and management positions in Operations, Design, and Engineering groups in his ten years at Sprint. Jeff was a regular speaker at Sprint’s Executive Briefing Centers throughout the U.S. His most significant contribution to the company was leading the effort to deploy 40 Gb/s IP over DWDM on the SprintLink backbone in 2008.

Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Duke University and an MBA from University of Phoenix – Reston Campus. For more information on Jeff Loughridge’s work history and experience, visit his professional profile. You can reach Jeff at or 703-229-0098.


The Company

Brooks Consulting LLC is a wireless and wireline Internet Protocol (IP) consulting firm based in the metro DC area. Jeff Loughridge, owner and principal consultant, formed the company in 2009. Our philosophy for designing, deploying, and operating IP networks is simplicity. We advocate IP network simplicity to our clients to enable their service portfolio, optimize their network, and to reduce the CAPEX/OPEX costs associating with the IP network lifecycle.

Brooks Consulting provides network consulting services to clients who stand to benefit from IP network simplicity and Tier 1 best practices. We please our clients by helping their businesses to decrease deployment cycle times, to understand the network cost structure and other high value information, and to enable transparent IP infrastructures focused on business value.

Brooks Consulting’s services run the gamut in wireline and wireless IP networking. From network design to training NOC staff, our commitment to execution will position your business for success. We specialize in IPv6 deployment and transforming Mobile Internet networks to truly IP-centric networks.