Jeff worked for me as a consultant for roughly 1 year and exceeded all my high expectations. Jeff was brought onboard to help us design, engineer, and operate our vast IP network. He possesses the rare skill of not only being a big picture person, but also has the deep technical expertise to hash out the details and execute. Jeff is skilled in shepherding organizations through the challenges of the migration to all-IP networks – both from technical and personnel perspectives. I would welcome Jeff back into my organization in a heartbeat, and recommend him with top praise.

Kevin Luu
Director, IP Operations
T-Mobile USA


Jeff worked with Clearwire during early 2009 and provided senior technical leadership during a challenging merger. His skill at bringing together disparate groups and leading projects allowed early success on critical projects. During this time Jeff was a crucial resource for me in working effectively with the assets and processes of the merged company. His attention to detail, follow through and well developed relationships shortened project cycles and enabled the company to save tens of thousands of dollars in redundant costs. Jeff, I believe, is capable of handling issues both wide in scope and deep in technical depth which should serve him well in any situation he wishes to apply himself. He has my recommendation.

Eric Houston
Director, Core Network Engineering


Jeff Loughridge of Brooks Consulting did an excellent job for me in explaining and documenting enterprise IP HD video conferencing network design concepts. He was able to draw on his “in the trenches” experience in working with the IP networks of a major vendor [Sprint] to conceptually describe in very clear terms the roles of network elements and systems as well as approaches to augmentation of IP networks when substantial amounts of HD video conferencing traffic is added. It is apparent to me that he also has the knowhow to advise clients in detail on actual upgrade and management of enterprise IP networks to handle HD video conferencing traffic. I recommend him highly.

Howard Wallace
Wallace & Co. LLC